It has been over 400 years since the Consuming Darkness started to retreat from the known lands. It left behind a devastated landscape. Once proud cities, both above and below the ground, now lay broken and buried. Looters from all nations race to uncover lost secrets and treasures. Civilization had survived by a mere fingerhold, but now thrives in the human lands of Armiir.

Wars have begun to erupt among the border nations as each tries to lay claim to lands that now are empty and broken. Dwarves battle with the orcs and giants of the north, elves battle with the drow over ancient relic sites, and the tieflings of the Valhedar Dominion have begun to encroach upon the northern borders of Armiir, barbarian clans battle against each other over the eastern plains and also in the southern deserts, and raiders from the southern pirate kingdoms sack and pillage every coastline they can reach.

The human nation of Armiir survived with the combined help of many races and through imposing martial law. Generations of harsh taxes and strict laws have ushered in an inflexible and corrupt system of politics that threatens to destroy Armiir from within. Gold tends to have more sway upon the heads of the Council than good intentions, and Armiir’s borders shrink every year because of it. Rumors also whisper of dark cults and foul worships that take place under the very streets of many cities. Outlawed practices and sacrifices are blamed for the recent disappearances of many innocent people.

The time for heroes is now.