Like the ogres, the minotaurs of Armiir once served the giants of the Icehammer Mountains as thralls. After centuries of living in servitude, they attempted to rebel against their masters but they were quickly crushed. In the aftermath of the failed revolt, the minotaur tribes were scattered across Armiir and they ceased to exist as a unified culture. Minotaurs have no lands of their own and now live alone or in small groups throughout the lands of the other races.
Minotaurs are large humanoids, standing between 7 feet and 8 1/2 feet tall. Their bodies are covered with long, matted fur that hangs from their bodies. They have hoofed feet and strong, clawed hands. Their heads have both bovine and humanoid qualities, and wide horns extend horizontally from their temples. The fur of Armiirian minotaurs ranges from rust-colored to dark brown, and black-furred minotaurs are very rare. Their eyes are red and seem to glow in moonlight, and they sniff and snort as they walk.

During their failed rebellion, infighting often prevented the minotaurs from achieving significant gains. Now that they are a scattered people, the minotaurs have adopted several traditions intended to minimize unnecessary bloodshed and prevent the future dissolution of the minotaur race. One of these is the tradition of personal combat and ritualistic dueling. If two minotaurs wish to fight, tradition holds that they must declare a duel. Outnumbering an opponent is considered dishonorable, so each side must have an equal number of combatants. Larger brawls are less common than one-on-one duels, only because it is rare to find a large number of minotaurs together in one place. This tradition allows the minotaurs to remain true to their nature without pushing their race further toward extinction.

Some of the minotaurs that were scattered by the giants did not follow their tribes to the human lands. Some stayed in hiding in the mountains, becoming giant hunters or merely trying to live out their days in peace in their ancestral home. Some traveled far to the east seeking the Morningstar Mountains, while others went to live among the dwarves. Some minotaurs escaped farther south to Tamerland where they hoped to find a pleasant, and giant-free, area in which to rebuild their lives. Rumors that the wastelands of Tamerland are a paradise for the minotaurs that have gone there have trickled into the lands of Armiir.

Most minotaurs found in Armiir are slaves. They are usually bred for special combat arenas or specialized labor in dangerous environments.
Type: Humanoid (Minotaur)
+ 2 Str, + 2 Con, – 2 Dex, – 2 Int, – 2 Wis: Minotaurs are strong and tough, making them excellent fighters. They are less intelligent than most other races, however, and their large, heavy frames lack agility.
Size: Medium
Level Adjustment: + 1
Minotaur base land speed is 30 feet. When a minotaur charges, it may move 2.5 times its base land speed.
Low-Light Vision
Keen Senses: Minotaurs receive a + 2 bonus on all Perception checks.
Natural Cunning: A minotaur can never be lost, is never flat-footed (treated as the Uncanny Dodge ability), and is immune to maze spells.
Automatic Languages: Common and Giant.

Restricted Classes: Minotaurs may not become arcane casters of any type, and rarely become full divine casters.

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